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Mahnı Adı: Fiction Workshop - Snl
Müğənni: Anonim müğənni
Albom adı: Single mahnə
Kateqoriya: Yeni Əlavə Olunan Musiqilər
Endirmələrin sayı: 6
Həftədə endirmə sayı: 6
Fayl ölçüsü: 5.73 megabyte
Tarix May 6th, 2022 tarixə əlavə edildi.
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  • fdfs
    Oscar Isaac killed this!
  • Alexa R
    I love this sketch with all my heart
  • Shazampool
    The fact that when he turns the page and it’s blank could mean it’s all improv and props to Oscar for that
  • Anne
    I literally can’t believe this is Oscar Isaac HSKHAKAHAHA
  • Mahasti Azadi
    The way he said "girlie" killed me😂
  • honestly idk
    Oh honey we got 800 pages in book one strap in 😂😂
  • PrincessMuk
    *THE APOGEE OF MIDNIGHT* *Chapter 1* There it was again, the sound of mop on tile. The start of another late night, one of thousands like it, alone in Chandler High. But the janitor liked the silence. It held him in a cool, delicate calm. Then, footsteps. Loud, and getting closer. "Hello? School's closed!" A woman turned the corner. She looked lost. "Sorry, I'm looking for someone named Mike?" "Oh yeah? Who's askin'?" "My name is Dua Lipa. I'm a big pop star, and I'm looking for a janitor here named Mike." The janitor paused. That was *his* name. Dua Lipa sighed. "You haven't heard of me, have you?" "Sorry, ma'am. More of a classic rock guy myself. But, sure, maybe I've seen a bikini pic or two. How can I help?" "Mind if I sit down?" Dua Lipa was *exhausted.* She'd just done a concert in Europe, and was still in her sparkly show get-up. He liked her. She was *cool.* "So what brings you out all this way to see lil' ol' me, girlie?" "Ooh, I don't know. This is gonna sound crazy... " "C'mon, Dua Lipa. You know you can talk to me. I'm your friend." It's true, they were fast friends. And nothing more... right? "Well... I guess I wanted to ask you a favor, Mike." "Heh, sure thing, girlie, what's up?" "Would you teach me how to make out? I've never done it before... " "Sure, Dua Lipa. I could teach ya how to make out. Wait--- can my friend come? Her name is Tawny McDaniels." "The famous ginger MILF?" "One and the same." "You know her?" "Know her? I manage her Subreddit! The gal's a dang rockstar." Of course, pornography hadn't been the same since the seventies, back before T.J. Munst took over at Stuffed, when the mags had vision and the spreads were actually good. (Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Stuff happens, stuff happens...) Dua laughed, "Hahahaha. Hey, Michael B., thanks. This truly was the apogee of midnight." "Amen." *Chapter 2*
  • Areo Morales
    I fully expect and believe that Oscar Isaac himself wrote that fanfic
  • Lei z_Sketches
    I need more y/n behavior from SNL 😭
  • LadyNinjaGaming
    Damnit, I wouldve liked to hear what went on LOL XD
  • Artistwasfound
    Hearing Oscar Isaac say MILF was not something I thought I'd hear in my lifetime
  • lyssums
    friggin love aidy
  • Jokeleth KuruEisner
    Who’s Michael? I know Marc, Steven, and Jake, but no Michael…
  • Gordon Sarratt
    The voice he did for this sketch was absolutely incredible.
  • reality.remixxxx
    4:35 outta nowhere and made me spit my drink out
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A writing workshop takes a weird turn when a janitor (Oscar Isaac) shares his story.

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